What Has the Best Bingo Apps: Android, iOS or Blackberry?

If you’re in the market for a new phone or want to brag to your friends about the features you get on game apps, you might want to know which mobile operating system to use. Each operating system claims to have the latest software and gadgets designed to make your gaming experience as entertaining as possible on a four-inch screen. These three operating systems have high speeds, crisp resolutions and a wide selection of apps, but some are better than others in each category. Learn which mobile system is the best investment for bingo fanatics. Enhance your gaming skills, click here

App Speed

Mobile operating systems have different booting times and app loading speeds. As you might expect, the faster a phone loads apps, the fewer problems you will have with getting bingo apps to run or update your score. Slower app speeds can also cause the app to crash in the middle of the game, so looking for a phone with powerful hardware and software is important. As the video above shows, speeds vary between Android and iOS. Some Android systems run much faster than iOS on the iPhone, while others are bogged down with too many features. In most phones, Android and iOS run faster than Blackberry. The trick is to keep your phone clear of useless apps that run in the background while you’re trying to play bingo.

The Winner: iOS and Android

Both of these systems are speedy and efficient. Apple products running iOS are consistently fast, even with older versions of the iPhone. Android has the widest selection of phones on the market, so it is difficult to say whether it is always faster than iOS. Some Android phones load bingo apps faster than iPhones, while others are much slower.

Game Resolution

Loading apps quickly is important, but game resolution can make or break your gaming experience. Resolution is what determines how clear a picture will be on your phone, and is especially important in games. Poor resolution means grainy bingo cards or worse, stretched images. Both of these qualities could give longterm bingo players a headache after a few hours. All three of these operating systems have resolutions that support a number of bingo apps, but some are not compatible with every app. For example, iPhones only have two resolution versions, so it is compatible with every app in the Apple store. Android and Blackberry, on the other hand, aren’t compatible with some apps. If you use an old Blackberry phone and download a bingo app, you’re not guaranteed to be able to use that app when you switch to a new phone. While compatibility is an issue, new Android phones have some of the highest resolutions on the market, making their bingo apps the nicest to look at and play.

The Winner: Android

Despite the wide range of phones, Android phones with high resolutions are the best in this category. As long as you stick to downloading apps directly from the Google Play store, you will not have issues with compatibility or stretched images. The cards and prizes on these bingo apps are crisp and beautiful in high definition.

Number of Apps

One of the most important factors in choosing an operating system for playing mobile bingo is the number of apps offered in stores. The largest number of apps in any operating system is iOS, with a wide range of bingo-related games designed for any level of play. Whether you are a beginner looking for straightforward bingo or an advanced player looking for a hybrid casino game, the Apple store caters to almost every type of app a bingo player would want. Android and Blackberry also have a wide selection of bingo apps, and Android has the added advantage of supporting mobile gambling.

 The Winner: iOS

For players looking for the most bingo apps available, iOS is a clear winner in this category. While players can find additional Android apps outside of the Google Play store, the simplest way to download dozens of bingo apps safely is through iOS. These apps also update frequently through the Apple store.