5 Movie Characters You’d Love to Meet in a Bingo Room

Hollywood is in the business of creating interesting characters with personalities worthy of the big screen. Have you ever wondered what some of these characters would be like at a bingo table? If these five characters were in the room, you would never have to worry about keeping your fellow players entertained with stories about your cat’s digestive problems again. Check out Bingo for money here

Inglourious Basterds: Colonel Hans Landa

This character is someone you love to hate. On one hand, he is a sociopathic Nazi who takes gleeful pleasure in the suffering of others, but on the other, he plays a mean game of bingo. Granted, he is playing with the entire country of Germany and the lives of millions of people, so you might want to avoid taking a seat next to him at the table. While he is a terrifying villain, it would be worth playing a round with him just to hear him yell “Bingo” in a less frightening context.

When Nature Calls: Ace Ventura

If you’ve always wanted to host a bingo game naked inside of a fake rhinoceros, you have a good chance of meeting this obnoxious, brilliant pet detective. His game style is probably a bit unorthodox. Make sure you check your bingo marker for bat guano, and whatever you do, leave your fur coat at home. Go home with prizes, improve your gaming skills now.

Groundhog Day: Phil’s Alarm Clock

While not exactly a “character,” Phil’s alarm clock in Groundhog Day is the perfect companion for players who never want to leave the table. At first you’ll be confused. You’ll think, “Haven’t I played this game of bingo before?” Days turn into months, and you start memorizing the numbers. The next thing you know, you’re announcing every number before it’s pulled and telling your fellow players that you are a bingo god. You and Phil know which cards to take that get the biggest wins, but you will be forced to give them all up and start over again the next morning.

Back to the Future: Dr. Emmett Brown

Say you want all of the benefits of time travel without reliving the same bingo game over and over. If you happen to be Michael J. Fox, the best person you can find sitting across from you is Dr. Emmett Brown. Dr. Brown also knows which cards are going to be winners, so you can bet you will be walking away with a trunk full of cash in a DeLorean. If you decide to befriend Dr. Brown in a bingo hall, try not to run into your great grandmother or do anything to erase yourself from existence. Also check out Social Bingo games

Star Wars Episode IV: Obi-Wan Kenobi

Time travel is messy and prone to opening dimensional rifts. If you want an edge in the bingo hall, befriending Obi-Wan Kenobi is the best choice. Not only can he stamp out numbers using only his mind, he can call bingo whenever he pleases. Even if none of his numbers match, a move of his hand as he says, “These are not the numbers you are looking for” guarantees him a win every time.