5 Feisty Feuds from Hollywood

Photo - 5 Feisty Feuds

Celebrities are renowned for their egos and diva personalities. For every well-behaved celebrity, there are countless others who are ready to fall out with their peers at a moment’s notice. Here are five feisty feuds between Hollywood divas from recent years.

Christina Aguilera vs. Kelly Osbourne


This latest feud is one that has quietened of late. Back in April 2012, Kelly Osbourne appeared on a US talk show called “Watch What Happens: Live”. Andy Cohen, who hosts the show, is a noted fan of superstar singer and occasional diva Christina Aguilera. After having witnessed years of feuding between the pair, Cohen used the opportunity to quell the ill feelings by asking Osbourne to say three nice things about Aguilera.

But before we share the kind words of Osbourne, first we need to give you an idea of what the feud entailed. Basically, Christina Aguilera had been calling Osbourne fat over a number of years. At one stage, Aguilera threw darts at a picture of Osbourne during the MTV Europe Music Awards. When Aguilera increased in weight following pregnancy, Osbourne pounced on the opportunity to call her blonde nemesis fat.

Thanks to Andy Cohen, though, this feud seems to have been laid to rest. Osbourne responded positively and managed to say that she felt Aguilera was looking much better, while also complimenting her voice and saying that the songstress has a beautiful son.

Mariah Carey vs. Nicki Minaj


During 2012 and 2013, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj were judges on the now-cancelled Simon Cowell show American Idol. While Cowell might have initially patted himself on the back for pairing a couple of US megastars, he soon regretted it after the hip-hop performers bickered back and forth.

Minaj accused Carey on Twitter of being insecure and bitter despite all of the chart success she has attained. The pair repeatedly disagreed when it came to critiquing the contestants they were supposed to be judging. During one disagreement, Minaj pulled cotton buds from her purse and asked Carey to clean out her ears.

Backstage videos and sound bytes would routinely hit the web after American Idol broadcasts, with Minaj often heard uttering obscenities about Carey. Following the conclusion of the show, Carey compared the spell on American Idol to working “every day in hell with Satan.”

Kim Kardashian vs. Paris Hilton


The former friends fell out after Paris Hilton appeared on a 2007 radio show and proceeded to criticise Kim Kardashian’s physical appearance in a sex tape, despite having appeared in a sex tape herself. Regardless, Hilton had no sympathy for her friend and seized the opportunity to tell the world of how she considered Kardashian’s butt to be “gross”.

Somehow realising that she had betrayed her friend, Hilton made an apology to Kardashian. Unsurprisingly, though, the budding friendship withered on the vine. Years later, Kardashian made a joke about Paris when appearing on a radio show with her mother, Kris Jenner. Jealously is said to have been the catalyst behind Hilton’s 2007 attack.

Gwyneth Paltrow vs. Madonna


The famous actress/lifestyle guru and conscious un-coupler was once close-friends with Madonna. However, the seemingly inseparable duo became separable in 2010. Gossip magazines everywhere found it difficult take, but that was just because they didn’t know the reasons for dissolving the friendship.

Famed for taking the high road, Paltrow stated in an interview that she wouldn’t boast over having better abs than Madonna. Yet, she proceeded to say: “Why rub it in? Let’s face it.” Even more sensationally, Gwyneth said that she would “Polaroid (her) abs and text them to (Madonna).” Thankfully for Madonna, she only had to wait for Gwyneth to be transformed into a mutant during Iron Man 3 to see the much-vaunted abs.

Lindsay Lohan vs. Tara Reid


Scraping the bottom of the barrel is Lindsay Lohan and Tara Reid, with the latter accusing Lohan of being a “mean drunk” (as opposed to a mean girl), and that she should “stop driving”, referring to her former habit of driving while intoxicated.

Unlike some of the other names on the list, Reid felt guilty for her comments and took to Twitter to voice her support for Lohan’s impending stint in rehab, wishing her “the best of luck.” There is certainly no shortage of feisty feuds in Hollywood!

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