10 Celebrity Gossip Blogs to Keep Your Eye On

Getting your daily celebrity fix used to come from the radio, entertainment news shows, or grocery store tabloids you’d hide from your friends. Nowadays, it is much easier to get your fix of hot gossip on your computer, delivered by one of the many entertainment and celebrity blogs. To help you out in your quest for all things celebrity, check out our list of the top ten most popular celebrity gossip blogs.

If you want to stay in the know, check out these sites daily to stay fresh on all of the dirt!

1. PopSugar UK

One of the largest celebrity entertainment brands in the world, PopSugar UK offers a healthy dose of sassy celebrity gossip, beauty tips, and health articles. The blog also features its own dedicated Royals section. Readers with shorter attentions spans will love this blog because most of the content is picture based with very short captions.

2. HolyMoly.com (www.holymoly.com)

HolyMoly.com offers nothing but celebrity news all the time. Coverage includes both UK and Hollywood celebs, notable personalities, the latest on your favorite television shows, music, and fashion. If you want the gossip, you can rely on HolyMoly.com to give you the full scoop. Stories on this website are full and complete and feature written content, videos, and music.

3. Mirror Online (www.mirroronline.com)

Mirror Online labels itself “The Intelligent Tabloid” and promises to “make you think” with their news coverage. As the online outpost of Daily Mirror, Mirror Online features a large celebrity section devoted to the latest celeb news, US gossip, a style section, and a Weird News column.

4. Royal Central

Compared to others on this list, Royal Central is a newer blog. Started in 2012 as a Twitter account, Royal Central grew into a blog with more than 130,000 unique readers a day. The blog is not sponsored by any large corporation, so expect the best from this editorial team. Get your fill on the daily goings on and events of the entire royal family.

5. Celebitchy

With a name like Celebitchy, you’d expect this website to have tons of mean, scalding editorials and offensive comments from readers. Not so. Celebitchy’s focus is to bring its readers the latest celeb gossip with some editorial flair. We found the blog’s tone to be much tamer than the title would lead someone to believe.

6. I’m Not Obsessed (www.imnotobsessed.com)

While browsing the pages of I’m Not Obsessed, we noticed that this blog doesn’t regurgitate information put out by other celeb gossip blogs, but finds fresh, new and relevant stories and tidbits of gossip for its devoted readers.

7. The Superficial

Just like the name implies, The Superficial scours the web to provide you with shocking headlines, scandalous celebrity photos, and small scraps of stories. The site offers commentary on celebs, their style, and the crazy things they will do or say in front of the paparazzi and in private.

8. Guilty Pleasures

Metro’s Guilty Pleasures takes a funny approach to celebrity news reporting, highlighting the silly things that celebrities do and say in the media. Their stories feature not only celebrities, but fans as well.

9. Defamer (From Gawker.com)

Defamer might give Mirror Online a run for its money when it comes to being an “intelligent” source of celebrity news and content. Defamer’s news is served up through high quality articles, videos, and thoughtfully written reader comments. As a part of the Gawker network, Defamer is more than shocking pictures or headlines.

10. OK Magazine

Still a gossip rag staple, OK Magazine was known as a printed tabloid before switching its focus to online celebrity and entertainment news. This site has a healthy amount of information pertaining to stars from the UK as well as Hollywood.

Whether you’re looking for entertainment news in the UK or worldwide, you will be sure to find plenty of hot gossip from the sites listed here. While there may be a plethora of gossip and celebrity news sites for you to choose from, this roundup consists of some of the most credible and reliable resources you are likely to find. You may prefer a more sarcastic or funny approach to your celebrity news like HolyMoly or Mirror Online, or you may want something more scandalous and shocking like the articles from Celebitchy or The Superficial. Whichever style of writing and reporting you prefer, there is certainly something for everyone.

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