UKash Vouchers for Bingo

Surveys say it’s the safest, but is that a good enough reason to use Ukash to pay for bingo on your mobile phone?

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There are many ways in which you can deposit when it comes to playing mobile bingo.  All sites tend to accept credit and debit cards, but with this being such an easy way for your details to fall into the wrong hands, sites know that players are looking for far safer payment methods.  One of the best known e-wallets is Paypal. However, you can also make use of the UKash voucher.  This is a great way to pay for your bingo online, but even mobile bingo sites are now accepting this as a method of payment.

Why Ukash?

It is more essential than ever to keep you debit and credit card details safe.  A terrifying statistic claims that 9 people every single MINUTE are being targeting by people looking to steal their identity or simply steal from their accounts, so this is just not a safe option any more.  Cue loads of great, safe and secure payment methods accepted by online bingo sites!

It has to be said that out of all of the payment methods out there, UKash is the VERY safest.  Why?  Because you NEVER have to input your payment details.  You simply:

  1. Head to one of the thousands of retail outlets selling Ukash
  2. Exchange your cash over the counter.
  3. You are given a Ukash voucher with a code
  4. It is simply this magic number that you input when you wish to deposit at your chosen site.

Ukash Out Card

There was once a time when Ukash could only be used for depositing and not for cashing out, but then they created the cool UKash card – available from the official site for free – that works exactly like a debit card.  The details of this little card is all you need to cash out, and you can then withdraw your cash from an ATM or use it to buy things online.  The card is NOT linked to your bank account so this is still as safe and easy as using the voucher itself!

Ukash Pros

  • Ukash eliminates the need to input your details, this eliminating any chances of your details being stolen
  • Thousands of shops offer Ukash, from grocers and corner shops to some big named retailers.
  • You are now able to cash out using UKash
  • It is accepted by many online bingo and mobile bingo sites
  • It allows you to cap your spending; once the denomination on the voucher is gone, you cannot deposit any more until you buy a new voucher

Ukash Cons

  • Some people who live out in the country may find it more difficult to get to a shop selling Ukash vouchers
  • It may be inconvenient to have to treck to a shop every time you wish to make a deposit

Sites Accepting UKash Vouchers

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